UV disinfection

The ultimate necessity in today's time


UV disinfection in the food Industry

Preserving a clean production environment is essential to preventing foodborne illnesses and cross-contamination. If a work surface merely looks clean, it does not necessitate that it is sterile. That is why production facilities must continuously safeguard that they clean and disinfect a work zone before and after production. In many cases standard cleaning methods are not enough, Puremed Canada has put an emphasis using ultraviolet (UV) technology procedures to eliminate pathogens.

Quality Control

Food can become contaminated at any period of production, delivery, and formulation in the food industry. All and along the production chain, from manufacturer to customer, have to be confident that the food we consume does not source illnesses. Sterilizing with UV light can augment a level of protection for you, your workforce, and your clienteles against foodborne diseases.

How Can UV Light Help?

UV light is wrought for a vast diversity of applications in the food industry. With high-performance UV light sources and apparatus, water, air, and surfaces can be unfailingly disinfected. The usage of chemicals can be decreased or even circumvented in an inexpensive and ecologically friendly manner.

On surfaces, for example, conveyor belts, predominantly in the meat and meat handling areas, UV light can be utilized to deliver continuous sanitization in the form of a segment intended to reveal the belt to UV as it moves. The module is watertight and can be amalgamated into the most excellent practices of sanitation. The penetrating germicidal action of UV light acts on microbes on the belt surface, turning them sedentary. This management can decrease the quantity of comprehensive wash-downs mandatory during treating, by this means salvaging resources, for example, water and energy budgets.

In the dairy business, UV disinfection is used mainly for the casing of fresh milk products, for example, yogurt and cheese, required to be kept cold to develop shelf life. This signifies that the dairy processor has meaningfully less revisits of a wasted product.

In baking, mold spores in the handling environment add to momentous waste, plummeting shelf life, and raising expenditure. In most circumstances, the fitting of a UV tunnel over the production line can offer an efficient way out.

Sterilize Food Conveyors With Pulsed Light

Food recalls are a continuing problem for the food industry and food conveyors are one known source of contamination. Pulsed Light is effective destroying microorganisms and safe for humans. In fact, Pulsed Light has been determined to be safe for the production, processing and handling of food by the FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services (Code 21CFR179.41)

A growing number of food processors are choosing to incorporate XENON Pulsed Light systems into the sanitization regimen for their conveyors. With rapid pulses of high-energy UV light, microorganisms on food-contact surfaces are destroyed before they can grow and contaminate food products. These Pulsed Light systems can operate during production, providing continuous decontamination of the conveyors. This not only increases the level of protection, but may also result in full washdowns being required less frequently.