Food Safety

Complying with regulations and audits, cost control challenges, and proper sanitation programs

Why food safety preparation is important.


Food Safety Audits


Businesses across a variety of industries are regularly subjected to a health and safety sanitation audit. Puremed is proud to offer a suite of services to help you and your entire workforce prepare for these audits. We can help you establish and monitor your own internal audits, so that you will be confident in your performance as you submit to a third party auditor.


Experience Matters


Our experienced staff is able to develop a unique training schedule, provide feedback on daily practices and assist you with the production of documentation needed for your third party audit. When you partner with Puremed you can be confident that your business will be putting its best foot forward.


How can food safety benefit you?

food safety food safety

Develop Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures


If your company is about to undergo an audit for the first time, or after a change in processes, our specialists are on-hand to assist you in the process. Third party auditors often require highly specific procedures (SSOP) as they observe the sanitation process, and our years of experience will guide you through the process smoothly and confidently.


Implement effective training

Every training program is tailored to your business needs, and we design our instruction to help you develop best practices and score the very highest you can on any third-party audit.


Food Safety Certified


Puremed Canada is fully compliant with HACCP-endorsed standards and SSOP document remittances. Being ISO 22000 food safety certified, we maintain a high level of staff training across all levels of our business. Just one reason why we’re the trusted provider of industrial cleaning and sanitation consulting for some of the country’s biggest brands and household names.