Ceiling & Structure Cleaning

Silo, ventilation, walls, confined spaces, lighting and more ..

Why working at heights is important.


Getting the Results you need


Puremed Canada’s Working at Heights Training Program Standard is to establish a threshold of high quality and consistency for training workers who work at heights. Our highly-skilled workforce understands the intricacies of your industry, and will employ cutting-edge skyjack equipment to ensure you get the results you expect.


Performance always in reach


We provide the most professional interior and exterior working at heights services. Puremed Canada and skyjack lifts will ensure your facility is clean, safe, and an effective place to work.


How can working at heights benefit your business?


High Quality Equipment


Puremed’s wide range of ladders and lifts provides a quality engineered product with a reliable team, which uses proven cleaning technology with the reliability of skyjack products. The cleanliness of your facility will be a true return on investment.


Develop and implement proper Training and protection.


Strengthen workplace safety culture by elevating the profile and importance of preventing falls from heights. Provide workers with adequate training about fall hazards and general safety practices to work safely at heights. Provide workers who use personal fall protection equipment with sufficient knowledge about its purpose and use.