Working At Heights

Interior and Exterior qualified cleaning services.

Puremed Canada is a leader in providing industrial cleaning solutions to a wide variety of industries. Whether employing a heavy or light industrial method. We will work closely with you to develop the industrial cleaning services that will enhance your efficiency, profitability, and production. Our highly-skilled workforce understands the intricacies of your industry, and will employ cutting-edge equipment to ensure you get the results you expect. Our cleaning services can make a big difference in how your company performs, and partnering with Puremed Canada will ensure your facility is clean, safe, and an effective place to work. Puremed Canada’s Working at Heights Training Program Standard is to establish a threshold of high quality and consistency for training workers who work at heights.

Our objectives include:

• Strengthen workplace safety culture by elevating the profile and importance of preventing falls from heights.
• Provide workers who may be exposed to the hazard of falling with adequate knowledge about fall hazards and general safety practices to work safely at heights.
• Provide workers who use personal fall protection equipment with sufficient knowledge about its purpose and use.
• Reduce the number of fall-from-heights incidents, injuries and fatalities.


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