COP Low Pressure

Clean, Disinfect, Degrease, Deodorize any surface or equipment


Why steam cleaning is important.


Destroys 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.


Our equipment pressurizes up to 121 psi/ 8 bar to produce dry vapour, with only 5% water content – superheated steam is an incredible way to clean and sanitize naturally. Superheated steam can also be used to sanitize and sterilize direct and indirect food contact surfaces.

Steam Cleaning also eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and germs in seconds by exposing them to 347°F / 175°C steam.


High Performance for low pressure environments


Puremed Canda introduces the latest technology through preferred vendors to bring the highest level of performance and pathogen control. Puremed’s equipment and knowledge is an indispensable tool for your Pathogen Environmental Monitoring program.

Incorporating these methods in environments where low pressure and temperatures are a factor, Puremed Canada’s highly trained technical teams will develop made-to-measure solutions that yield continuous results


How can steam cleaning benefit your business?


Recommended uses for steam cleaning


  • Clean production equipment.
  • Clean wine barrels and bottling lines.
  • Clean grout lines.
  • Clean & sanitize floors.
  • Clean & degrease commercial kitchens.
  • Clean & deodorize furniture.
  • Reduce Pathogens.