Cannabis Sanitation

Production Centers, Dispenseries, Installation and much more

Why is a Cannabis Sanitation Program important?


Protection from Micro-organisms

Puremed Canada is dedicated to the sterilization of cannabis growing environments and production facilities. With the use of medical-grade products and equipment, our intervention prevents the maturation of microorganisms ranging from algae, mold, fungi, and harmful bacteria like E. Coli.


Good production practices


In section 5 of the Cannabis Regulation, cannabis production facilities are mandated to maintain sanitized environments and equipment. Ensuring effective sanitation and procedural inspection will reduce the risk of contagion of your products, processing aids, packaging materials, and product contact services.


How can cannabis sanitation benefit you?


Increase Revenue


Our sterilization service protects your potential earnings, while ensuring the highest quality of end product for your customers. Puremed Canada has a long-standing sterilization program with HACCP endorsed standards which also entails preventative measures against cross-contamination.


Reduce Costs and Recalls


The basic principles of cleaning and sanitation are crucial. The absence of suitable and certified sanitation can lead to expensive contamination, recalls, and ruined products. Our team is trained and very knowledgeable on the use of specialized products and techniques that will never compromise your plants.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


The sterilization program concentrates on three important aspects: Premise, Equipment and Personnel. It also touches on reasons why medical-grade canna-sterilization should only be assigned to those trained with the proper procedures. It is therefore important to understand the fundamental principle of sanitation procedures and effective implementation