Commercial Cleaning

Offices, Hospitality, Institutional, Cafeterias and much more

Why is commercial cleaning important?


Creating a safer workplace


If a tidy space means a tidy mind, then a clean workplace is vital to the smooth operating of your business. Puremed Canada provides excellence in commercial and office cleaning for some of Canada’s most well known companies, and our fully-trained technicians understand how to focus their cleaning to reduce the spread of disease, keeping your workforce healthy and happy.


Consistency is key


Workplace absenteeism costs the Canadian economy tens of billions of dollars each year. With workers increasingly using public transit to commute, the spread of infectious disease is increasing and it’s affecting your bottom line. Make sure that your workplace is as clean as possible in order to reduce the intra-office spread of bacteria and reduce the sick days taken by your staff.


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How commercial cleaning can benefit your company?


Custom Procedures


Your workplace is home to your company’s most important assets – your staff and your corporate knowledge. Our technicians undergo extensive and regular training on the handling of corporate documents, as well as after-hours office security policies to ensure your workplace is safe, even if you’re not there while we’re cleaning. Our security training includes best practices relating to document shredding and the proper handling of IT equipment.


Reduce Sick Days


Our technicians undergo regular training. We work in compliance with HACCP-endorsed standards. The products that we use to clean corporate office environments are in compliance with the most recent health and safety standards, so you can be confident that your workplace is well looked after. The commercial cleaning services we offer, deliver an overall cleaning solution, with a focus on critical control points where germs are most likely to spread.


Professional services


You can be confident that with Puremed, you’re entrusting your workplace to a team of highly professional technicians with a keen focus on your security. Corporate cleaning services also include carpet cleaning, disinfection cleaning, emergency cleaning and daily janitorial services.