Industrial Sanitation

Certified Protocols.

Food Processing plants are under continuous pressure to address personnel and facility hygiene, as infections and contamination continue to proliferate.

Puremed Canada offers cutting edge technology that brings to bear an unprecedented level of pathogen control within the working environment. Being pioneers in the development of these processes, with ongoing research and development being one of our primary focuses, Puremed Canada provides credible and effective protocols to monitor and control your sanitation requirements, while working closely with your Infection/Quality Control Teams.

All Puremed employees and supervisors are certified WHMIS and trained to identify and handle Hazardous Materials within the work environment. In addition, Puremed Canada is fully compliant with HACCP-endorsed standards and SSOP document remittances.

To find out more about Puremed Canada’s HACCP protocol program, please contact us. The head of our Infection Control Committee will provide you with a fully endorsed HACCP plan of action.


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