Electric Mist Disinfection Solutions

    Pathogen control is our utmost priority at Puremed Canada. Introducing our electric mist disinfection solutions which are very effective in killing bacteria, viruses, fungus and their spores. By thoroughly fogging the air and covering surfaces we can provide our clients with efficient processes to disinfect areas.


    Color-Coding as a Preventive Control in Food Processing

    Puremed Canada sets the standards in organization methods for food facilities. Conducting a comprehensive HACCP plan and then establishes risk-based preventive controls with custom made Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure’s (SSOP). Color-coding has become one of the main preventive controls to protect food against direct contamination, cross-contact, and cross-contamination incidences.


    Taking sanitary steps to protect yourself and others

    Proper sanitation methods lead to sterilization & infection prevention. Puremed’s vendor management program provides a great selection of industrial, food grade and commercial supplies. Hand Sanitizers, Dispensers, nitrile gloves, boot covers, disinfection chemicals and much more. Sanitation and hygiene measures in health care, commercial, food industry and hospitality sectors are important for providing adequate control of infection risks.