Puremed Canada sets industry standards with a professionally trained team of workers. The development of proper skills and a sound knowledge of process, benefit both you and our staff. Programs are designed to give theoretical understanding of processes and the chemistry behind each procedure – helping achieve consistent results.


Practical skills training provides the “know-how” to perform the procedure, emphasizing on health and industry protocols. Step-by-step follow-up materials that include wall charts, equipment lists and tips to ensure continued success and maximum efficiency are also provided.

✓ The first choice – We are industry leaders of hygiene solution systems.
✓ The best choice – Our depth of experience will help improve and control your production operations.
✓ The profitable choice – Puremed Canada can help you increase your manufacturing competitiveness by lowering infection rates and bacterium outbreaks.
✓ The strategic choice – With a wide range of products available, Puremed Canada can manage all your sanitation needs.
✓ The safest choice – Green means practical. We’re dedicated to assisting you in balancing the objectives of buying green with the practical realities of modern life. Our Research and Development divisions have compiled listings which offer our clientele a wide range of products with “environmentally friendly” qualities. These qualities include: reduced toxicity, reusability, energy efficiency, eco-responsible packaging, recycled content, manufactured with minimal environmental impact, and minimal or no artificial materials.