Puremed Canada is a Canadian company, which saw the emergence of a new industry. Anxious to apply the rigor of industrial chemistry to the growing needs of public hygiene, and convinced that more stringent methods of sanitation control would improve public health protection, Puremed Canada successfully laid the foundation of a dynamic and innovative company in the field of hygiene solutions, setting benchmarks of ingenuity and research and development being one of our primary focuses.


Puremed Canada offers cutting edge technology that brings forth an unprecedented level of pathogen control. On the strength of more than 250 employees, our teams:

✓ Develop made to measure hygiene solutions
✓ Develop and implement HACCP/GMP/GFSI/ SQF protocols
✓ Develop and manufacture chemical products for the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors
✓ Offer general hygiene salubrity diagnostics with PQMS programs (Puremed Quality Management System)
✓ Execute Food plant Sanitation Cleaning
✓ Offer customized delivery options and vendor management solutions
✓ Create innovative solutions which deliver results....

Puremed Canada, is a dynamic, enthusiastic and professional enterprise, that focuses on a single goal: to continuously improve the quality of the environment where our fellow citizens live, work, study and receive medical care, with a view to pushing back the frontiers of longevity while respecting the environment. Our objective is clear: We aim to deliver the best hygienic support systems to the marketplace that are affordable, of high quality, responsive and pro-active to the needs of our clients.