At Puremed, every customer counts.

We go to great lengths to please our customers with our impeccable service and incessant drive for innovation, all the while maintaining competitive prices. Providing a skilled sales team and offering delivery for all customer orders means, our clients have more time for what is important to them. As part of our overall commitment to customers and to the protection of the environment, Puremed Canada have developed their own Green Approved program which meets or exceeds stringent standards governing the manufacture and sale of environmentally responsible products. In addition, our products are third party approved.

We believe that sustainability is about maintaining or improving the health of the built, natural, social and economic environment, without interfering with the ability of future generations to do the same. A sustainable cleaning system is one that meets the standards for PERFORMANCE, PEOPLE, PLANET AND PRICE.


As part of our overall commitment to delivering quality cleaning systems, all Puremed Canada professional cleaning product lines and systems are centered on product efficacy and performance.


Puremed Canada’s sustainable cleaning solutions consistently meet the highest international and domestic standards for health and safety. Puremed Canada is dedicated to providing the product training and education necessary to ensure the highest level of product usage safety.


Harsh, conventional chemicals used for cleaning are often as harmful as the contaminants they are meant to eliminate. These mixtures of contaminants and chemicals often end up in treatment plants where, in many cases, they are released back into the environment. Our sustainable cleaning solutions eliminate the need for harmful cleaning agents and ensure the protection of the environment.


When the first generation of green cleaning products came out, the perception was that they were more expensive yet less effective than traditional products. Today, government regulations and the populations’ growing concern with health and safety have made green cleaning a viable and sustainable solution for businesses. As part of our commitment to customers and to the environment, our products are competitively priced. A reduction in SKUs will help simplify your cleaning system, thereby increasing cost effectiveness.